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Directing Capabilities

We understand the daily challenges faced by individuals in different aspects of life, adding to which are the unprecedented circumstances that are harder to survive in. While some of us might be lucky enough to find our way out with minimal loss possible, some of us just cannot. And people who are directly affected by unprecedented circumstances are the daily wage and low-income group people who belong to the grassroots communities. These communities are further affected by changing climate conditions, therefore we aim at providing services that can help them direct their capabilities while surviving through the most challenging circumstances. Mentioned below are some of the major categories within community development that we provide our services in.

Community Development: Services





Expert Guidance

The Path to Success

A Comprehensive Approach

At Integrated sustainism, we help design solutions that aid education and awareness among different sectors. We perform on-ground research and identify areas that require support or a completely new solution to better embark education within the region.

In order to foster within the changing industries, the preference is always given to individuals who can offer more than required. At Integrated Sustainism we help individuals build upon their skills to help direct their capabilities.

While directing individuals to build their skills is part of what we do, we also guide them to seek opportunities that complement the best of their abilities. Furthermore, they wish to set up their own small business, we provide them with expert guidance and tools to do so.

Community Development: Services
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