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Reviving connections

At Integrated Sustainism we practice product design to promote the current and past cultures. We believe in bringing authenticity and connections to products back to life. Our products are part of our initiative to promote local and dying crafts. Therefore, promoting self-employment with means of reaching a larger market. Some of the product categories we focus on are mentioned below.

Product Design: Services




Clay Pots
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Building connections

Building on specific needs

Building Capabilities

Within this category of product, we focus on designing products that hold sentimental and cultural value to our past heritage. Most of the products that defined our traditional values are dying because of changing contemporary demands. We focus on reviving the products by adding a touch present to the past form and function of the products.

The products within this category are specifically built upon the need of a certain region. Some solutions are only applicable to certain requirements that are specific to a region. These products are designed to serve a special purpose in needs to be solved within the locality.

As we work in different regions of the state, we come across local craft skills that have been dying. While some artisans are not able to market their products, some do not have the resources to pass on the skill. We help them maintain their craft while providing the means to earn revenue. Henceforth promoting the locally handcrafted products.

Product Design: Services
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